Main Menu

This section gives you access to the Main Menu. It also allows you to use the Sidebar and the Top Menu, with full functionality.

This section gives you access to the Main Menu. It also allows you to use the Sidebar and the Top Menu, with full functionality

1.Top menu- on the top menu you can find the main configuration, which provides the user-friendly use of the spring backoffice. - 1. Time - The time is displayed on the top menu and is based on your timezone.

2. Partner Settings - click on your name and you can navigate between “Reset Password”, “Settings” or “Log off” options from your account. - Reset Password: Click on the option and make changes on your current password by filling the corresponding fields. Afterwards click on the “Apply” button.


❏ Allowed Partners: The list of the available partners. You can choose the partnersfrom the drop-down menu, which appears when clicking on thisfield. It is also a switcher logic, that can switch from one Skin data to another.
❏ Time Zone: The time zone that appliesto the time and is displayed in the top caption. pr Backoffice User Guide
❏ Currency for reports: The default currency for reports.
❏ Show Notifications: The notificationsthat are turned on by default. If you want to turn them off, you need to check the box. Thisfunction includes notificationsfor deposit/withdraw requests and payments, registrations and logins on the websites, with plansto add super bets, internal messages and platform feedback to it.

3. Additional Products - by clicking on the icon, you will open our additional products, which you may access straight from the Backoffice, by just entering the access credentials of the needed product. The products are:
- Promotional tools,
- Slot Builder,
- Scouting,
- Affiliates,
- Skill Games,
- Fantasy Sports,
- CMS,
- Agent System.

4. Language - determine the main language of your Backoffice. -
5. Support- contact our fast and responsible support team with any questions.

● Sidebar - from the Sidebar you have access to all the sections of Backoffice.
Click on the button to expand the view.
Use the small arrows to drop down more components of the menu. The Sidebar includes the following sections: 

- Dashboard 

This section describes a program dashboard – the place where the user or the partner can manage the gaming information. On this page, our Partner can see brief and overall reports on business. pr Backoffice User Guide

- Odds Feed This section helps to manage the exact data the operator wants to deliver in his feed. To facilitate the control over the selection of sports and competitions, it’s divided into the following subsections: Dashboard, Live Booking, Market Selection, Reports, Live Admin, Settings, Api and Logs.

- User Management User Management section allows you to manage the users and their permissions. It has two subsections: User Management and Partner’s Permission Roles.

- Players This section contains all data about platform Players and is divided into two subsections: Players and Images.

- Reports In Reports section you can find full information about the bets, competitions, markets, balance, etc. It’s divided into the following subsections: Wager Reports, Sportsbook, Casino, Financial, Betshops, Gaming Report, Bonus Report and Players Report.

- Betshop Management This section allows to display the list of all Betshops, to manage and/or to add Betshop resources. Betshop Management section has two subsections: Betshops and Cash Desk Live Chat.

- Financials This Section contains all data about Players’ financial operations and transactions, and is divided into three subsections: Deposit Requests, Withdrawal Requests and Transaction.

- Sportsbook Management This section allows to view and manage the information about Sportsbook, bets, bet limits, events and market booking. Sportsbook Management has the following subsections: Transfer Report, Super Bets, Liabilities View, Event Management, Display Orders, Bet Limits, Settings, Manage Populars.

- Tools This section allows to manage settings considering security, limits on deposits and withdrawals, to translate terms, to make and manage email pr Backoffice User Guide and SMS templates for Players. The Tools section has three sub-sections: Partner Settings, Translation Manager and Messages.

- CMS This section allows to use the CMS (Content Management System) interface to add website and mobile contents, accessing the CMS via a website: BC CMS can create websites that scale to online gaming businesses of almost any size and adapt to this market and specialized needs.

- Stream This section allows you to find the needed video stream by filtering the date, sport type, competition and status inputs. Stream section consists of Dashboard and Streaming List.

- CRM CRM (Customer Relationship Management) product enables to implement and control front office strategy by creating campaigns. It also helps to analyze the data, using reports and charts. CRM section has the following subsections: Segmentation, Campaigns, Templates, Data Visualisation, Analytics and Settings.

- Promotional Tools Promotional Tools section is intended for creating and monitoring bonus programs and casino tournaments. This section has the following subsections: Promotional Tools, Loyalty Program, Shop, Referral Bonus and Promo Codes.

- Products The section contains a list of our Products. It enables easy and one-click access to each Product directly from the Backoffice. The Products section consists of the following subsections: Slot Builder, Scouting, Affiliates, Skill Games and Fantasy Sports.