Players Info (c) Reports


● Datepicker - set the search date range. 

● Type - set the bonus type. 

● State - set the bonus state. Player Bonuses

● ID – the unique number of the bonus. 

● Bonus Name – the name of the bonus. 

● Created Date – the date the bonus was created. 

● Type – the type of the bonus. 

● State – the state of the bonus. 

● Amount – the amount of the bonus. 

● Result - the result ( finished, canceled, expired). 

● Result Date – the date the bonus was resulted. 

● Acceptance Date – the date the bonus was accepted. 

● Start date – the date the bonus was activated. 

● Expiration Date - the date the bonus expires. 

● Action - actions regarding the bonus.

Add New Bonus

Click on the Add New Bonus button to start creating a new bonus.

In the popup window select: 

● Bonus Type, 

● Partner Bonuses, 

● Amount (custom), 

● Add Note. 

Afterwards click on the Add button.

- Logins 

Here you can view the history of the Player’s login. This page has two sections: Filter and Logins.



● Datepicker

 - Sets the search date range. Logins Table includes the data showing: 

● Time of the entrance, 

● End Time of the season, 

● IP Address, 

● Source.