Players Info (a) General

Player Privacy 

Info The Player’s password information. On this page you can reset the password of the Player.


● Confirm Password - repeat the new password. 

● - edit password. 

- Player Verification Here you can view the process of Player Verification:

lient Capabilities In Current Step - the actions that are available for the Player. 

● Can Bet- allows to bet. 

● Can Deposit- allows to deposit money. 

● Can Login - allows to log in. 

● Can Withdraw - allows to withdraw money. 

- Notes Here you can search for the Player notes. This page has two sections: Filter and Notes. 

Filter - set search date range.


Notes - click on the “Add Note” button to write the note which will come up with date and the name of the writer.


- Player Document I mages In the Player Document Images section you may add the documents of the Player by clicking on the corresponding button.



In the popup window you have to select the type of the document, which can be: 

❏ Betslip, 

❏ Document, 

❏ Driver License, 

❏ IBan, 

❏ Passport, 

❏ Other. 

Drag and Drop the document and click Save or Cancel.