Accepted Cloud Bet Report

Accepted Cloud Bet Report

                                                                                                                                  Accepted Cloud Bet Report

Here you can create reports about the bets that were accepted via cloud from other providers. This page has two sections: Filter and Report.


● Time Type – specifies the type of the time: Created or Calculation. 

● Datepicker – specifies the date range of the search. 

● State – the state of the bet. Report 

● Created – the date the bet was made.

● Odds – the odds of the bet. 

● Accepted Amount(EUR) – the amount of the bet money that was accepted in euro. 

● State the – the state of the bet. 

● Accepted Winning Amount(EUR) – the amount of won money from the accepted part of the bet in euro. 

● Calc. Date – the date the bet was calculated. 

● Commission Percent – the amount of the commission expressed in percentages

 - export in CSV/XLS.

● Click on the “Gear” icon and choose the fields and columns you want to display